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  • Local tourist guding

    Discover and feel Bovec valley through different guiding tours, with stories of local people. Discover and feel

    Five waters guide program
    Discover and feel the pure power of nature which connects people in the Bovec region.

    Round bike tour allong the Bovec basin
    Atractive bike tour for active discovery of nautre. This round tour can be adjusted to the participants and time limits. It can be realized also as a whole day walking tour or two half day walks.

    Šunik water groove
    Triglav national park holds magnificent water creations of nature

    Old roman walk to Kluža and back
    Historical walking tour - through the eyes of a modern man

    Etno (cultural) trail Lemovlje
    An abandoned hamlet above the village of Soča offers a look into history

    Military walk Čelo
    Peace Trail, in the footsteps of World War I soldiers, includes a love story of Ernest Hemingway

    Short and easy walks visiting historical monuments, with stories of the local people
    -Visiting St. Leonards church
    -Visiting the church of the Virgin Mary in the field and Rabeljk
    -Crossing Bovec fields with introduction of the creation of the basin and description of the mountains
    -An easy walk on Bovec streets with attention of knowing the life of people and cultural heritage

    All programs can be adjusted to guests wishes and current conditions on the terrain.

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